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Craig Marcott is a specialty planning firm concentrating in the areas of  Medicare Retirement Planning, Insurance and Special Needs Planning. 

Medicare Planning<br/>

Medicare Planning

Medicare planning has become an increasingly important component of the planning process to protect retirement assets from unforeseen medical expenses for seniors. Because Medicare options can be overwhelming, we provide seamless advice to seniors who want unbiased guidance navigating the complexities of Medicare options.



Insurance plays an important part in the planning process, whether it’s funding a special needs trust for your child’s future or protecting what’s most important in your life.

Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning helps you to provide a safety net for your special needs child, allowing him or her to live life to the fullest. After transitioning from being Scott’s brother to his guardian, Craig opened his consulting firm in 2004. He uses his professional and personal experience to help parents achieve peace of mind, knowing that that there is a plan in place for the time that they will no longer be around to care for their child.

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