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Advocacy in the adult world of special needs is about knowledge, teamwork and communication. Knowing what your loved one is rightfully entitled to while living in a group home is critical. It is equally important to establish a friendly and healthy relationship with the rest of the team involved in their care. And knowing how, when and with whom to communicate is vitally important in order to provide the best possible life for your loved one. These are our strengths based on almost two decades of experience.

Some of the things we do:

  • Help you to resolve issues with the agency
  • Work with all of the team members in order to achieve a better life for your loved one
  • Reduce your stress by establishing effective communication pathways with the team members caring for your family member
  • Attend annual and semi-annual ISP meetings and maintain records of all documents and communication.
  • Review all ISPs and amendments and make suggestions to the legal guardian.

Our approach and philosophy to our advocacy service is outlined in our booklet, The Art of Advocacy.

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