Don’t Wait

April 02, 2012

Don’t wait until it’s too late to plan.  The last three weeks have served as a sad reminder as to how life can change in an instant.  One friend passed away unexpectedly leaving her autistic child behind.  She was in her mid-forties.  A plan, or blueprint, for her son’s future would not have diminished the grief for those left behind, but it would have been so helpful in transitioning to the next caregiver.

The importance of early planning was further emphasized when a client unexpectedly becoming uninsurable after a visit to the doctor.  Since Special Needs Trusts are often funded by insurance, this may well affect the future financial security of her special needs child.

None of us believe adversity will happen to us.  But as the parents of a special needs child, we really should know that the unexpected can happen.  In the world of Special Needs, not having the appropriate legal documents and insurance protection is like standing on the highest hill in the middle of a lightning storm while holding a long metal pole pointed toward the heavens.