Your Quarterly Medicare Newsletter

Your Quarterly Medicare Newsletter

December 19, 2022

As the year comes to an end, now is a great time to prepare for the New Year that is just around the corner. Make sure to schedule a wellness check with your medical professional, and brush up on your Medicare basics before the ball drops!

Have you had your annual wellness check for 2022? If not, you may want to schedule it before the end of the year. Those who have had Medicare Part B for a year or more get a free annual checkup to work with your doctor on your personalized prevention plan against disease and disability.

Source: Medicare.gov, 2022

Medicare Advantage 101

Medicare Advantage, sometimes known as “Part C,” is something of a catch-all choice for those who are ready to sign up for Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurers in conjunction with the Medicare program and can provide you with additional health insurance coverage. In addition to signing up for Medicare Part A (hospital stays) and Part B (medical coverage), Medicare Advantage plans offer their subscribers extra features. This frequently, but not always, includes the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. In some cases, Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for areas not normally offered by regular Medicare plans. This can include dental, hearing, and vision insurance.

Source: Medicare.gov, 2022

Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

Get Your Jabs

It is flu shot time again. While a year with masks and staying indoors might have decreased the incidence of flu last year, with so much of the world returning to normal, influenza is on the rise.

This year, the CDC recommends a flu shot or a live attenuated flu vaccine, which is administered as a nasal spray. This recommendation extends to everyone six months old or older, particularly those who are at risk of flu-related health complications. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns or special considerations regarding the influenza vaccine.

Source: CDC.gov, 2022

Key 2022 Dates & Deadlines.

January 1: Medicare General Enrollment Begins
January 1: Medicare Advantage Enrollment Begins
March 31: Medicare General Enrollment Ends
March 31: Medicare Advantage Enrollment Ends
April: Flu Season Ends
September: Private plans send notice if there will be any change in cost, coverage, or service area
October 15: Medicare Open Enrollment Period Begins
November: Flu season begins
November 6 (estimated): Medicare Parts A & B Premiums & Deductibles Announced
December 7: Medicare Open Enrollment Ends