Your Quarterly Medicare Newsletter

Your Quarterly Medicare Newsletter

February 27, 2023

With the new year still fresh, now is a great time to take advantage of Medicare enrollment and the features on offer. It’s also a good time to take a look at how Medicare has changed since last year.

Did you know about your Medicare gym benefit? If you’ve been breaking a sweat about staying fit, your Medicare Advantage plan or Medigap plan may offer coverage for a gym membership. You may be able to take advantage of classes, trainers, and other gym amenities, including special options designed with your needs in mind.1

Medicare General & Medicare Advantage Enrollment Begins

Even if you’re already enrolled in Medicare Advantage, it pays to know the basics of your plan. For example, when it comes to picking a health-care provider, in most cases, you’ll need to use those who participate in your plan’s network. Often, Medicare Advantage plans set a limit on the amount you need to pay out of pocket each year for the services covered. Some even offer non-emergency coverage out of network, though typically at a higher cost. Remember, you must use your Medicare Advantage plan card to obtain your Medicare-covered services. Don’t leave home without it.2

Facts About Medicare And The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act makes major changes in costs affecting Medicare users. These include a price cap on prescription drugs for Medicare users, widening access to subsidies for those with limited means, and an elimination of a copay paradigm that caused an increase in fees for many Medicare beneficiaries. The new scheme caps the costs to Medicare users as their contribution to their catastrophic threshold (the new threshold will be $7,750, with the beneficiary contribution projected at $3,250). These simplifications and reductions in cost will bring drug costs down for many.3

Monument Valley in Utah.

January 1: Medicare General Enrollment Begins

January 1: Medicare Advantage Enrollment Begins

January 15: Medicare Advantage/Part D Rate Release

March 31: Medicare General Enrollment Ends

March 31: Medicare Advantage Enrollment Ends

April: Flu Season Ends

September: Private plans send notice if there will be any change in cost, coverage, or service area

October 15: Medicare Open Enrollment Period Begins

November: Flu season begins

November 6 (estimated): Medicare Parts A & B Premiums & Deductibles Announced

December 7: Medicare Open Enrollment Ends

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