Q: I have pre-existing medical conditions. I live in New York. How does that affect my Medicare options?

A: New York does not allow Medicare insurance carriers to charge Medicare beneficiaries more for pre-existing conditions assuming they have not exceeded 63 days without creditable health insurance coverage. As long as you meet this requirement, you can change Medicare Medigap plans as often as you like without being asked medical questions. Medicare Advantage Plans (MAs and MAPDs) and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) are subject to Special Enrollment Periods when changing plans, but they are not subject to medical underwriting.

This ability to change Medigap plans and carriers whenever you want without medical underwriting provides people living in New York and Connecticut with opportunities and strategies when selecting Medicare plans that residents in the other 48 states don’t have.

As a licensed insurance agent specializing in Medicare health plans, I can help you take advantage of the strategies and options available to you.